• Are you a kid? A mother? Or a father?

Would you like to…:
invest in your own wellbeing and consciousness, or your family‘s?
work with mind, body and soul?
while having fun?

  • Are you an Ironman or Ironwoman, a triathlete, a sport lover?
    Would you like to…:
    improve your performance?
    boost your energy?
    improve your resistance, resilience and regularity?

  • Are you a company or a small business?
    Would you like to…:
    improve your efficiency?
    boost your team’s energy, wellbeing, satisfaction and productivity?
    improve your resistance, resilience and regularity?

  • Are you a school teacher or manager?
    Would you like to…:
    reduce your stress?
    improve your procedure management?
    increase your team motivation & sense of belonging?
    improve the emotional intelligence of your team and your pupils?

Global benefits. All areas. Feelings and performance.

The activities I bring you will help you to become aware of your communication, relationships, internal dialogue, actions and emotions.

I accompany you and share with you some tools and techniques in order to…:

  • Increase self-confidence and motivation
  • Transcend fears and insecurity
  • Manage personal and work relationships
  • Increase energy, empowerment and positive leadership
  • Accompany pain and concern processes
  • Spread laughs
  • Apply the HEAling SPOrt Training Method (HEASPOT Method)
  • Be awareness of body, thoughts and emotions
  • Use the breathing consciously in all areas

Here and now. You are in the right place. This is the right time.
This is your moment! You can put in contact: