Business (companies & hospitals)


We offer you a personalised door to door service according to the needs of your working team.

The individual sessions with your employees will help to improve their wellbeing and it will contribute to improve their personal satisfaction and therefore the happiness and functioning of the whole team.
The group sessions will help you to enhance the group cohesion; to develop the sense of belonging and to contribute to the improvement of internal communication, employee relations, and satisfaction and happiness within the work place.

· Companies (support and accompaniment to working teams)
· Hospitals (support and accompaniment to medical assistance teams)

Would you like to maximise your performance and productivity by working on your talent, skills and full potential? Would you like to become a nice place to work and not only a soulless robot factory? I guess that you would like your employees to feel happy while they are working with you. The might be doing it much better if so. Do you give value to your employees at least as much as you do to your guests? Are you giving value to the human capital? Are you willing to give value to society? Are you betting on a more ethical and responsible business?

If your answer is

  • ‘No’: keep thinking about it
  • ‘I doubt’: stop thinking, and start feeling. Your projects are about to become something more human, ethical, happy, Conscious, Sensible, Responsible (the impact of CSR, which stands for Corporate Social Responsibility). We can accompany you. Is your answer ‘yes’ now?
  • ‘Yes’: you feel it; congrats! Your business is something more than just a business. Just get in contact

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