Cesc Aromir

Since I was a kid… I’m still a kid! Which doesn’t mean being like a kid, though.

I feel that it’s wonderful to find and keep your inner self, your own compass, your reason why, your balance, your vitality, your own wellbeing, your ‘own’ wisdom.

My own experience is part of the wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t belong just to a few; not even to each of us. Wisdom goes through all of us. Sometimes kids teach us and remind us the most important lessons in life. So ‘my’ wisdom is what I come here and now to share, so I truly believe that it can help you in particular, and the world and Universe, in particular too.

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Let’s say I’m… formal, but nice and close. Fun. Sometimes funny. Perfectionist (used to be more). Sufferer and happy at same time. Open-minded. Active and dynamic. Patient. Tenacious. Sometimes stubborn. Easy going and extroverted. Also introverted. Imperfect… and already perfect, as each of us, as anyone, as everyone.

Nature is there to embrace us. I love embracing nature. A walk in nature and practicing sport is wonderful. Swimming open waters is one of the most wonderful experiences in life for my body, mind and soul. Healing Coaching, Chikung, energy management and meditating is exciting and fulfilling. All this is how I share my passions and techniques to accompany you, to boost your energy, improve your performance contribute to your profitability, or just take care of your wellbeing, always from a global perspective.

Let’s walk together? Or swim.


Cesc Aromir
Healing Coach

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