Active & Healthy Tourism


Discover our healthy activities, workshops, therapies and retreats. Be part of our community and network of healthy tourist accommodation in special spots and direct contact with nature. Surprise your hosts and visitors and take care of them with our best.

  • Choose what:
    Retreats · Workshops · Activities · Therapies
    To breath, expand, relax and take care of your inner self during your vacation:
    · Meditation (at the beginning of the day)
    · Relaxation (at the end of the day)
    · Chikung (breathing & stretching)
    · ‘Laughing therapy’ (playing with the whole family)
    · Massage (relax, Thai, sport, therapeutic) with natural oils (indoor or in nature)
  • Choose where:
    · In nature – go outdoor and discover our amazing environment!
    · In your own cosy building
    · We also offer an online following and support
  • Choose when:
    · A weekend / A day / Half a day
    · In the evening / Early in the morning
  • Choose who:
    · Kids
    · Families (together with the children, or apart)
    · Couples (just before or after their wedding?)
    · Groups or (sport/business) teams

Please, contact us for more info & book your healing event or activity in your own building, resort or town: