“Inspiring from spirit
with healing attitude & positive energy”

Our aim is to accompany you along your daily activity, trainings and competitions, weather if you take care of your own wellbeing, or your are a sport lover, a club or a company. We do it by spreading word, example, knowledge, experience, thoughts, energy, techniques, abilities, gift and life calling. And we do it to boost & twist your energy, motivation and wellbeing, as well as your productivity and performance. It is related to health, wellbeing, sport and education.

This project is based on personalised coaching, accompaniment and support for life, business & sports lovers, offering individuals, families or amateur & professional athletes, triathletes, swimmers, runners, cyclists and adventurers, a quality service adapted to your needs, and covering them combining the three elements that let us keep the balance and wellbeing to face the daily activity or the competitions: mind, body and soul, for your support with a global approach.

It consists of sessions which are developed hand in hand with the client, whether individual athlete, team, sports club, company or entity. These sessions are carried out combining (according to the particular needs in each moment along the process) the management and impact at the physical level (body) with quiromassage; at the emotional and motivational level (mind) by giving support and monitoring of skills, concerns and goals; and finally at the energetic level (soul) by mobilising and releasing the energy flow of the person. Under no circumstances does this service replace the role, treatment or service of health professionals, such as Doctors, Physiotherapists, or Psychologists…

Join the ‘growing by teaching’ attitude.
“Healing attitude is positive; positive energy is healing.”
“Teaching to learn; learning to grow.”


Cesc Aromir
Healing Coach for life, business & sport lovers